Why You NEED YouTube

  • Hate Cold Calling?

    Me too. I don't call FSBO's or Expireds, I don't beg my sphere for referrals, and I don't pass out my card to 100 people a week. Learn how to ATTRACT clients to you in a way that's actually fun!

  • Want More Market Share?

    Video can quickly establish you as a local expert. You'll learn how to create YouTube videos with a plan, a schedule, and a strategy. And it's really fun to get recognized at the grocery store!

  • Want Your Phone to Ring?

    Imagine receiving calls from prospects who are thrilled when you pick up the phone to talk to them! They feel like YOU'RE doing THEM a favor by agreeing to represent them. What a refreshing change!

There has never been a better time to dominate your market with video


People are home, spending all day online looking for information and entertainment.

You have a choice - do you want to retreat and wait it out?

Or do you want to spend this downtime making video content? Because the more videos you can put out into the world now, the more you will be found by potential clients when this craziness is all over.



Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use this course

    • How to Navigate this Course - How to use Thinkific
    • Overview of this method
    • USE THIS FORMAT for your new videos
    • Video Structure Filming Checklist
    • Course Guidebook Reference Manual - Downloadable PDF
    • FAQ's
    • Private Facebook Group
    • A word about video quality
  • 2

    Module #1 - Getting Started

    • What You'll Need
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • Equipment and other things you will need
    • Make your animated logo / bumper video / logo sting SHORT - 5 seconds long max
    • Buying a Video Intro on Fiverr
    • Free Canva accounts - Make a simple video intro in Canva
    • Canva Pro users - make a simple intro video
    • TubeBuddy Sign Up Link
  • 3

    Module #2 - Setting up your YouTube account

    • Don't have a YouTube channel yet? WATCH THIS FIRST.
    • Setting up your YouTube channel
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • How to create a new Youtube Channel
    • YouTube Studio UPDATE December 2020
    • Complying with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
    • How to make your channel art using Canva
    • Google's channel art template - Download
    • How to add social media links on your channel
    • How to make a link for people to subscribe to your channel
    • How to Link to your Website from your Videos
    • Free branding watermarks
    • How to make a channel trailer
    • Uploading your channel trailer - do this first!
    • How to add your channel trailer
    • How to change your channel name
    • Once you reach 100 subscribers, claim your URL.
  • 4

    Module #3 - Anatomy of a good video

    • Structure of a good video
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • What makes a good video?
    • Choosing your Niche / Specialty
    • Call to Action Examples to Wrap Up your Videos
    • Nervous about being on camera?
    • Lead Magnets - what are they and how do you use them?
  • 5

    Module #4 - Keyword research

    • How your videos will show up in the search results
    • How to Research Topics for your Videos
    • Keywords Everywhere vs. Tubebuddy for Keyword Research
    • Downloadable Checklist
  • 6

    Module 5 - The filming process

    • The filming process
    • The filming process - these are the basics
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • Tips to Get Comfortable on Camera
    • Horizontal vs Vertical Video
    • How to make a screencast
    • What is B roll? Taking your videos up a notch.
    • Keep them watching till the end - don't give clues that you're wrapping up! - January 2020
  • 7

    Module 6 - The Editing Process

    • The editing basics
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • The basic process of editing 101 - January 2020 Update!
    • The Editing Process - using iMovie (Mac only)
    • The Editing Process - WeVideo online editing software for PC or Mac
    • Want to try WeVideo?
    • The Editing Process - using Shotcut (Windows or Mac)
    • B-Roll Tutorials
    • Simple editing tricks - cropping and zooming
  • 8

    Module 7 - Making Sure Your Video Gets Found in Search

    • Optimizing your videos to be found by your prospects!
    • Video Uploading Checklist
    • Optimizing your Video - Making Sure Your Video Gets Found in Search
    • Video Upload Process - Updated Jan 2020
    • How to Schedule a Video for a Future Date
    • How to Use Cards in your Videos - January 2020 Update
    • End Screens - the Easy Way - January 2020
    • Fancy End Screens for Advanced Users - January 2020
    • The importance of custom thumbnails
    • Making Thumbnails on your Phone with SuperimposeX and Phonto
    • Video tutorial on removing a background on your picture in 5 seconds!
    • Captions / Subtitles - VERY IMPORTANT STEP! - Updated January 2020
    • Positive Engagement Signals to YouTube
    • The Analytics Tab - Live channel evaluation
  • 9

    Module 8 - Promoting your Videos

    • Promoting and sharing your videos
    • Promoting your Video
    • Downloadable Checklist
    • How to use TubeBuddy Promo Materials
    • How to get a custom URL before you get to 100 subscribers - Rebrandly or Bitly links
    • Using Zapier to share your videos on multiple platforms
  • 10

    Rinse and Repeat!

    • Consistency is the Key!
    • Following Up with Leads Using Video
    • How to stay motivated when you aren't seeing results... YET!
  • 11

    Lead Magnets - Editable Opt-ins to Attract Clients

    • Lead Magnets - Attract Leads on Autopilot
    • Professional Photo Shoot Tips
    • VA Buyer's Guide (2021 Updated Design)
    • Relocation Guide (2021 Updated Design)
    • 10 DIY Home Staging Ideas to Sell your Home FAST
    • 4 Home Improvement Projects with High ROI (Infographic)
    • Is Selling FSBO Right for You?
    • What To Do After The Seller Accepts Your Offer
    • What To Do After Accepting Your Buyer's Offer
    • 7 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make
    • Creative Ways to Come up with Money for your Down Payment
    • Mistakes First-time Home Sellers Make
    • Is it time to buy a home? Renters VS Home Owners Infographic
    • Video Shoot Checklist in Canva
    • Selling Your House During the Holidays
    • How to Increase Your Zestimate Lead Magnet
    • Preparing Your Home for Sale Checklist!
    • 7 Tips to a FAST Sale - Seller's Guide
    • Buyer Presentation Template
    • Pre-shoot Checklist for Sellers
    • VA Buyer's Guide
    • Relocation Guide template
  • 12


    • About this section
    • How to Analyze Your Thumbnail's Click Through Rate (CTR)
    • How to use a teleprompter app on your phone
    • Getting notified when you have new comments on your videos
    • List of 25 Top Performing Video Ideas - 6 months worth of weekly videos!
    • How to claim your custom URL once you hit 100 subs
    • Using Zapier to Automate Sharing your Videos
    • How to Split Test Thumbnails OR Video Titles with TubeBuddy
    • First Five Videos to Share on YouTube
  • 13

    Outsourcing editing and other tasks

    • Outsourcing Your Editing (and other tasks too!)
    • Finding an editor on Fiverr
    • Overview of using OnlineJobs.ph to hire a VA
    • Posting a job on OnlineJobs
    • Example of a hire ad
    • Communicating with your new VA - Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • 14

    Live Trainings

    • Live Deep Dive Trainings
    • Deep Dive Training - Landing Pages
    • In depth thumbnail workshop replay - May 20, 2020
    • Thumbnails - what's a good click through rate? Recorded on 2/4/20
    • 360 Camera Hands On Workshop
    • Analytics hacks you HAVE to try!
    • Content Strategy - Deep Dive Training July 2020
    • Overcoming Perfectionism - Deep Dive Training August 2020
    • New Member Orientation, August 2020
    • Deep Dive September 2020 - "Boosting" a Video with Lisa Kelly
    • Deep Dive October 2020 - Channel Optimization
    • Deep Dive November 2020 - Content Calendar Planning
    • Deep Dive December 2020 - Best Practices for Creating a Good-Looking Filming Space
    • New Member Orientation, December 2020
    • January 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive January 2021 - Choosing Your YouTube Channel Name
    • February 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive February 2021 - How to Figure Out What Video to Make Next
    • March 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive March 2021 - End Screen Strategies that Keep Viewers Engaged
    • April 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive April 2021 - B-Rolls: What is it, why do you need it, and where do you get it?
    • May 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive May 2021 - How to get more listings!
    • June 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive June 2021 - KEYWORDS IN 2021 - things have changed!
    • July 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive July 2021 - Winning Facebook Groups featuring Greg Langhaim
    • August 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive August 2021 - Delegate, Automate and Eliminate: How to preserve your time and have work/life balance
    • New Member Orientation, August 2021
    • Deep Dive September 2021 - Basics of CRM's and why you need one
    • September 2021 - Building Your Geographic Farm
    • October 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive October 2021 - Blogging and Web Sites for Local Market Domination
    • November 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive November 2021 - Vlogging 101 with Paul Lykins
    • New Member Orientation, November 2021
    • December 2021 - Question Session with Karin Carr
    • Deep Dive December 2021 - Analytics Bootcamp
    • January 2022 - Question Session with Karin Carr
  • 15

    5 Day Challenge Replay Videos

    • 5 day challenge replay videos
    • Day 1 - Nailing Your Niche
    • Day Two - Overhaul Your Channel Art
    • Day Three - The Secret to Getting Found
    • Day Four - Click-Worthy Thumbnails
    • Day Five - Getting Your Phone to Ring

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